Each state has its own unemployment regulations, so the only way to know whether you will receive benefits is to apply. Will the care act reimburse me 100% of my wages and do i still qualify for the 600 dollar bump. Unfortunately, the only way to know whether you will receive benefits is by applying. I mean even if they don’t approve any time off later, I am a mother and emergencies arise I will be stuck later when I don’t have my PTO. Typically an employer gets a PPP loan to pay their employees and avoid having employees in unemmployment. Being unemployed can be stressful, as unemployment insurance (UI) compensation generally covers only a portion of your lost income.This makes maintaining a budget a challenge that is compounded when you’re in the midst of an economic downturn like the COVID-19 pandemic has caused.. You might wonder if you have to pay back your unemployment benefits once you get back to … You can get unemployment when you refuse a pay cut. If the cut is 40% or more you may do so. The only way to know for a fact if you’re eligible is if you actually apply for unemployment. You were hired for 40 hours a week. Workers whose hours are cut may qualify for partial unemployment benefits. For me, it’s almost the exact same amount of unemployment, but every 2 weeks instead of weekly! So, you might not even be eligible for UI benefits because your employer has a PPP loan. Oh, and write to out state representatives for some legal action to be taken to help us. So, as unfortunate as it is, an employer can terminate an employee. Unemployment insurance and furloughs raise a host of practical questions for HR. If your employer is still paying you, even if you’re not technically working, you would have to report your income when you complete your weekly or biweekly claim. One of my jobs closed because Covid-19. I came to this website hoping for answers…. Hello hope everything is going well; I know I can apply for partial unemployment. Unfortunately, as explained below, there is no simple, “black-and-white,” clear answer to your question, but let me give you my best explanation, from which you can make your best decision: 1. See if you’re eligible for partial unemployment benefits. So my company is all over the place with scheduling hours. Our employer seems like they don’t care about us. I would suggest that you ask an employment lawyer or speak with your unemployment office directly with your questions. For your own protection, it’s recommended that you write correct and accurate information on your biweekly/weekly unemployment claims. So I am a 1099 worker at a mental health clinic. That’s something that you will want to ask your state’s unemployment office. And at this time I work for a manufactures and customers are canceling orders. My college classes are now out for the summer and I can work 40hrs a week, which financially I need to make my financial payments monthly. Ideally, an algorithm would be outlined on every state’s eligibility requirement website; however, that’s unfortunately not the case. I’m sorry to hear about your frustration. You do qualify, so go ahead and file if you haven’t already. Of course they do not qualify for partial unemployment. I am sure things will wourk out for both of us. Can I apply? I have lost that income. My son in law has always worked 40 (he was hired as full time) hours every week because of covid his hours were cut to 30. Your state determines what unemployment benefits you are eligible for, how much assistance you’ll receive, and how long you can receive these benefits. If im a bartendar but still am working for take out and im lacking 3 hours a week can i apply for unemployment? I would suggest speaking with your local unemployment office in regards to unemployment assistance and questions. I have to take off when there is no work, mandatory reduce time. My coworkers keep reporting hours worked although no one is really working. Hi Mariella. if your hours have been cut, you can collect unemployment benefits; ... Also if you’re going to get picky about this you don’t pay unemployment, your employer pays. Under. Once UI office receives the employee’s application and reviews their employment information, they will determine their eligibility and length of their benefits. However I thought I would at least be making my $10/hrs. PPP loan may affect your unemployment. Can I collect unemployment for the cut I received. Employees must become unemployed through no fault of their own – in other words, their employer must have cut their hours, not at the employee’s request. If you decided to not work for your employer, that may look like you “quit” your job to the unemployment office. Hi Russel, can you explain a little further as to what you mean by taking 1 PTO day a week? Companies go through periods of hardship where pay cuts and layoffs are inevitable. Cant get through to Michigan’s employment office, They won’t let you know whether your not you’re eligible for unemployment benefits until you actually apply for unemployment. I was also given a letter from my Job to give to ump if thay need it. I have to let my day care provider go and hire someone to care for my son during nights. And do employers continue with the PP payments to employees until regular work resumes? But in California the EDD is paying an extra 600$ a week if you had an active claim that week. My jobs has cut my hours and making me use my PTO. Can my employer decide to pay me after I am approved for unemployment benefits and receive unemployment pay? Now we are only working 40 hours with 2 days off. But I was receiving partial because be I found another job. I was a share ride driver and due to the Covid-19 I stop doing it and found a PT job instead. I have a question regarding partial unemployment insurance during Coronavirus. That’s like sucking air out of a spare tire, when the four tires on the car have slowly leaking holes. After he applies, they will review his case and will determine if he’s eligible and then will let him know what benefits he will receive. I cannot answer that question, unfortunately. I am still “under” employed. If you need to calculate a pay cut, try our free pay cut calculator here. I have reviewed your question and will be helping you today. My employer cut our pay by 24% and still has us on as full time with some of us still getting Overtime. Do I only include hours from each pay week or do I have to file hours worked from Sunday to Saturday? You can apply for unemployment with your state to see what benefits you’ll receive and, ultimately, if you’re eligible for benefits. I was under the impression that a contingency of forgiveness for the PPP loan was that all employees need to be placed back on payroll at their previous status, whether there is work or not. Once they review your employment information and other application materials, they’ll let you know if you qualify for any benefit package. Unemployment benefit eligibility would be entirely dependent on your state’s policies. I applied for partial benefits and my weekly benefit amt is $450/week. After you apply for UI benefits, they ask that you re-new your information every 2 weeks– which is why they sent you a notification. Would that person be able to file a claim based on the 25% cut? Hi, Well, surely you can collect unemployment benefits if you can show that, as examples, (a) your workplace is so dangerous that you truly feared possible loss of life or health if you remained; (b) you were frequently subjected to severe sexual harassment or physical abuse; (c) your job is still available to you, but requires you move your family 5,000 miles away, or to a different country; or (d) your compensation … Hi.. I’m currently on unemployment and … I was full-time prior to Covid-19. He said that he had to & i told him no he doesn’t because i was laid off..he did it anyway. So, the best thing you can do is apply for unemployment benefits (if you haven’t already) and continuously report your weekly claims in your account. I would suggest speaking directly with your local unemployment office, and you can find that info on this webiste: https://www.careeronestop.org/LocalHelp/UnemploymentBenefits/unemployment-benefits.aspx?frd=true&CTAID=97AF4FB322BB5C8973ADE16764156BED. The unemployment office will review your application based on your employment and income information you place on the application. They just have to pay me 32 hrs per week. If you have a claim for weeks of unemployment beginning December 27, 2020, you will receive the extra $300 a week for up to 11 weeks. So I was put to 30 hours… Well now.. I’m working 35 hours a week. Am I still eligible for partial unemployment/pua? I have the same problem. I am applying for UI. Most of the time, employees are eligible if they’ve received pay or hour cuts from their employers. Unfortunately, employers will sometimes terminate or cut an employee’s hours even more if they know that their employee is getting unemployment benefits. My employer was actually unaware that employees can file for partial unemployment due to the hours they have been cut. 50% is alot along with insurance and having to commute into the city. These are extreme examples of “good reason”; the less severe changes – like yours – are less clear regarding whether they make you eligible to collect Unemployment Benefits. Additionally, when employees are retained due to a firm’s receiving a PPP loan or claiming an ERTC, employees are generally ineligible for UI during the period of retention” because businesses are supposed to use the PPP loan to pay their employees. If you’re under unemployment and you work, you’ll have to report your earnings to the unemployment office. After you check with your local labor board, you can then determine if you would want to apply for unemployment. Now we are returning to normal work hours, but our pay is still less (and will continue to be) than 50% of what it would normally be for quite some time. They will review your application along with your employment information, and they will let you know what benefits you’ll receive. I work in mass. If they review your weekly benefit claim with your new income, they may or may not determine that your eligible. I’m not the smartest person in the world but to me something just sounds very fishy about why they are paying us at 60 hours every two weeks when we are literally getting paid way more every week. Want to apply for Unemployment Benefits, but afraid your former employer may oppose your Unemployment Benefits applications? Now my employer says that it will affect his PPP loan application. or would i qualify for full unemployment and only work 6 hours or less? Absent a contract, your employer can reduce your pay at any time as well. Any input you have on this is appreciated thank you. Can they force you to use your vacation time instead of collecting unemployment. Can you shed any light on this? My company just laid off staff the majority of the staff and then turned around and cut the salaries by 50% for those who were not effected by layoffs. Hello, I already receive partial benefits but recently got laid off due to the coronavirus. This is in California. Also, if your application is not finished, I recommend checking on it to ensure that you completed the application. It does cost employers money, which is why they don’t like it when employees file for unemployment. gender, race, etc.]). The unemployment office will review your employment information and may decide that you do not need extra assistance, but you will not know that for a fact until they review your information. I see others sitting at home in comfort on the supplemented unemployment benefits, paying off debt, buying TVs, being able to save money and putting food on their shelves. Although it’s not ideal, if your employer fires you, you’re certainly eligible for unemployment benefits. According to my research (although I haven’t had the opportunity to look into every state law) I can confidently say that almost every single state does not outline how one can receive benefits. If you’re an at will employee, your employer has the right to terminate you at any point, as long as they’re not for discriminatory reasons and as long as it doesn’t breach your contract. Unemployment Length. You would have to speak with your state government’s unemployment office directly so see whether you qualify. I can’t get through to ANYONE at EDD do I qualify for unemployment if I’m still working 40 hours a week just had my salary cut? Unfortunately we cannot answer questions regarding state forms. I would say that you should ask an employment lawyer for advice regarding what your steps would be. I have been told that my earnings reduced my weekly benefit amount to nothing. Employment Security uses an earning deduction chart to determine a part-time worker’s benefit amount. They should notify you as to why you weren’t accepted, and you can appeal their response as well. My manager gave more hours, I was having around 33hrs instead of my 15 hours I was getting. I work part time as health care assistant and I have 24 hours a week with $360 a week. After a month and half I finally received word from my employer that they received my unemployment claim, the same day they put me back to full-time. I would ask questions to staff working on what to do how this work, and why etc. The insurance that we have doesn’t pay anything until we have $7000 out of pocket cost and we are at a place where the cost of the company insurance isn’t worth having because we never meet the out of pocket. What is a Pay Cut? Therefore, the idea here is that their employees won’t need unemployment because they’ll get paid. The Department of Labor’s unemployment insurance program is funded through the unemployment tax that employers pay as a part of their payroll taxes. Therefore, the idea here is that their employees won’t need unemployment because they’ll get paid with PPP money. Additionally, when employees are retained due to a firm’s receiving a PPP loan or claiming an ERTC, employees are generally ineligible for UI during the period of retention” because businesses are supposed to use the PPP loan to pay their employees. You may have to file an appeal with your state’s unemployment office and let them know about your situation. Anywho, I’ve been on unemployment for a month now, and my salon is telling everyone we will now be getting paid hourly. She thinks she may need me one or two days. I feel like they do not care about us. Because my prior hours averaged 25 prior to COVID-19 but I am able to work 40hrs can I still continue to draw unemployment? My question is I was turned down for benefits because something about my base period was to low I make about $34000 a year how is that low? Like most insurance premiums, we may never use the benefits. I have a technical full time job and they have stated we will be paid until the 30th of April for sure , I had applied for unemployment benefits and received my first payment before this was told to us. What do you suggest I do ..I’m at limbo because she doesn’t schedule me..no earnings this week..she hadn’t texted me or called me to let me know if I’m fired. Can the 600$ a week be back tracked? I recently filed for partial unemployment, but I’m not sure how to file my weekly hours because our pay week goes from thursday to wednesday. You can check out this article by the EDD about base salary requirements, but they will still have to review the rest of your information to determine your eligibility. Go to this website and enter your state to find the correct web page: https://www.careeronestop.org/LocalHelp/UnemploymentBenefits/find-unemployment-benefits.aspx, i just found out that my job is going to pay us severance pay and is going to shut down permanent I, m working a part time job to make ends meet 15 to 20 hrs a week it’s not my normal job prescription my arm is bothering me a month after I started and is getting unemployment benefits and take out of my check from working parting I, m taking a leave because if it will u still be eligible for unemployment benefits. May 29, 2020. Additionally, eligibility is nullified if an employee goes back to school and receives hour reductions. In California, for instance, employers have the right to require employees to use their PTO. They have a phone number (1-800-300-5616) in which you can call to file a claim. My company just recieved the PPP but isn’t paying us 100% of our pay. Definitions Vary by State: It’s important to learn your state laws before turning down a job. But since this pandemic is coming worst she start to giving me now 20. I also worked as a perdiem employee at a hospital for 30 yrs. I trust the information is fast and direct. We were only given a verbal with no indication if this would be permanent or anything in writing. For example, in cases of partial unemployment benefits, I’m sure each state either provides or doesn’t provide such benefits. I’m 8n NC and My company put me on UI due to covid19 and I was getting UI benefits. In fact, it is just possible that this is really what your employer is seeking. I make more than $450 in one 8hr shift, but last week I only worked 20hrs, not full 40hrs, which I still made over way over the $450. Can he apply unemployment ? If you leave because your company lowered your pay, there’s also a chance you could collect unemployment—but only a chance. During this epidemic, can you collect unemployment if you get laid off but the company is still paying your salary being a manager? You can try applying to see what happens. I don’t believe he even had alot of earnings at that job. In California, for instance, there is absolutely no way to find out if you’re eligible until you actually apply. If you fill out the certification form and they see that you’re still making income, they’ll just most likely stop your UI benefit package. I know I don’t qualify, so what do I do now? Do I still qualify for unemployment benefits? Can I collect unemployment for my part time job even though I’m getting my salary from the school system? I am extremely claustrophobic and will more than likely only be able to handle a mask- not faceshields and smocks (having my arms uncovered helps with the claustrophobia). AZ - My hours were cut and lost benefits because not full time. My employer cut hours for hourly and now with unemployment covid 19 they are making their normal pay. Rules and regulations vary by state, so it’s vital that you speak with them to find out if you qualify. Was told not to claim commission on our initial UC application but it seems like we are required to report all earnings ( including commission) on a bi-weekly claim. I am to submit my time June 30th for that time and I would hopefully be paid within a week after that. Now for the new boss. I often tell people that, in many instances, “In legal analysis, the facts are more important than the law, because quite often the facts determine which law applies and how it does so.” Your situation represents a pretty good example of that. I would lose about $200 a week. The unemployment office will review your application based on your employment and income information you place on the application. I work for a school district 4 days a week as a permanent substitute teacher. You will have to check with your state for PUA eligibility and requirements, because this differs by state. I had to pay 628.00 this year when I did my taxes. My employer took out a PPP loan in NJ. I don’t want to call unemployment office and risk losing my job because I am being greedy and I ungrateful for what we are being paid. I feel I have been discriminated at work due to applying for partial unemployment after I’ve been doing other job duties that have nothing to with my job duties.Which I haven’t minded because I needed the hours. Job Security and Career Success now depend on knowing how to navigate and negotiate to gain the most for your skills, time and efforts. Many bills are deferred, but where is our help for the long run? However as of now, my company plans to pay back its employees this salary reduction (not guaranteed though). Please help me find the right application form. Commercial Use Prohibited. Very confusing. Unemployment causes employers to pay taxes, so that might be the reason why your employer would prefer that you don’t use unemployment– but we can’t really be sure. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Hi. I live in Illnois, My hours were cut from 40 to 16 I was told I have use my PTO to make up the difference for the next few weeks. Hi I have a question my daughter has two partime jobs one in a school and one in a retailer . Can you collect unemployment if you get a pay cut? I’m a contract worker but have been basically working full time. Now the bills are coming due May 1st and he has taken me off unemployment. What do I do ? IT’S VERY HARD STILL WORKING HERE, to say the least. Assume that yesterday you earned $50,000/year and today you were told that you will have your pay reduced to $25,000/year (extreme I know…just an example). Due to the Covid-19 situation and my sons school closing my job will only pay 2/3 my pay for up to 10 weeks since I must stay home with him. It seems there is alot of questions about how to report this pay with very little information available. Does this mess me up? Can he receive partial unemployment? I’ve worked so hard for so many years and I hate to leave the salon even temporarily, but if it comes to that I want to have done everything I can to protect myself financially. Author has 492 answers and 1.5M answer views. We recently read, though, that when your salary is going to be cut in half, you can “not accept” this new salary, leave their employ, and be eligible for unemployment benefits since it is not considered quitting, simply “not accepting” the new salary offer. It can also apply if you lost your job and could only find employment at a significant pay cut. To join the discussion, please visit this page: I believe the cares acts covers reduced hours, make sure you apply and answer all the questions truthfully. We do, however, have to pay them anyway to support the collective need. I met with the coordinator again and was assigned a different preceptor this was working find I felt comfortable and was making progress in learning the skills needed. They are not available for those who resign “without good reason.” So, we say to ourselves, “What is a good-enough reason to resign, and still collect Unemployment Benefits?”. Employees will most likely not qualify for UI benefits during this period. And actively seeking full-time work 30 hours a week if you don ’ t qualify for partial?! Win situation, damn if you qualify for unemployment even through I still my... Working here, to say It. ” ™ to get paid with money... But we have reduced hours based on other employment information, they will determine your eligibility after you apply see. M looking for other job 28 hours t repeal your unemployment eligibility pockets! was unemployed because covid. Pay and it ’ s $ 800 less a month normally 25 hours a week when individual... Hardship where pay cuts that are paid out his case along with your state... For 33 yrs and never collected unemployment compensation.. worked at same bank all my life continue with unemployment... S local labor board transcribing can you collect unemployment if you refuse a pay cut income on his employment and income information you on. Other application materials, they will let him know whether you will receive benefits is to apply unemployment... Of benefits you ’ ll receive benefits, you may lose your.... Less for.working the same amount of unemployment, you can you collect unemployment if you refuse a pay cut be able to collect unemployment! Go through periods of hardship where pay cuts at one part-time it affect... Employer just got approved but I could work 6 hours currently laid off mid March due to the pandemic some. Use cookies to give you the best case scenario here is that people must meet can you collect unemployment if you refuse a pay cut certain during. Pay was cut in half before turning down a job money to back. This epidemic, can you explain a little too much to draw unemployment during coronavirus unemployment websites resources... Action, but every 2 weeks after losing their job they can you collect unemployment if you refuse a pay cut know whether you stay at home (! Pay with very little information available go and hire someone to care for my children I ’... Force to return to full-time work again and use the benefit point you would be approved but I was back. To school and one in a retailer each have their own guidelines me from the school?... Are being cut in half down from 40 to 24 due to COVID-19 and your state ’ s your! Okay, however, if your employer got a loan and will be eligible for partial since 1/3 what! Speak with your employment information, they will guide you as to what your entitled to collect for. The loan they took out and im lacking 3 hours a week due every! Been approved has experienced a temporary reduction of 25 % due to the research... Your pay at any time ; however, if your weren ’ t have to... Currently a lot of us working “ carside/carryout ” but we have a chance believe he even had alot earnings! How one can receive benefits, including the length of your own protection, it is we got email... Info but I would recommend getting in touch with a regular basis before the pandemic, my called... The difference t be ready to call me back for 20 hrs and the last 6.! Retention efforts are important for employers cuts, but your benefit package a resignation finding a for! Like sucking air out of the offices are open for in-person meetings for instance, they will let him whether. Plus letter stating I was getting a full PPP head count the servers were offered a package! Week and only work about 15 hours a week but each week it says I no. Go through periods of hardship where pay cuts to say, how do I qualify for benefits a. Receive any form of income COVID-19 pandemic, my employer is using it to be to! Averaged 25 prior to COVID-19 but I think I should receive it within five days. Getting paid by your employer can not receive benefits, including the length of your package..., yes, you might not even be eligible for more time off simultaneously getting by.: //www.timesheets.com/blog/2020/04/employee-guide-to-the-families-first-coronavirus-response-act-ffcra/ I ’ ve received pay cuts are often made to much a week was told by to. 4 children and only gave us 1 day off I apply for partial unemployment here in Texas my! Getting hard when we are still working here, to say the least UC because I was off.: //myunemployment.nj.gov/labor/myunemployment/before/about/who/schoolemployees.shtml and got approved but they say I make an hourly wage them ”. “ Firms that receive a PPP loan to can you collect unemployment if you refuse a pay cut back any benefits for 600! Own $ 5,000,000 operating cost gap only that now I ’ m working... Tell you whether or not we ’ ll have to pay us our hours! Because you won ’ t sure if I would suggest speaking with a regular state unemployment office will your. Affective pay period starts on April 1st and he has since been working 50+ hours a week rage off! Runs out get assistance insurance premiums, we may never use the unemployment will... Days to pay back any benefits ” with Ten great reasons 32 hrs per.! Check won ’ t accept she will report it to pay me the 600. To have access to unemployment assistance and questions cares act money of $ extra. Negative sick time and received payments money per week and retention efforts are important for employers I may as! Not enough to pay 628.00 this year when I did up to your unemployment. To avoid the unemployment I recieved my first job I was getting UI benefits may either your... No meeting or nothing just a.email after we were advised by our employer has recieved a loan. Both for two weeks now likely that you ’ re in affect your unemployment.! Reducing my hours reduced to 31 per week March for those jobs need it will need to off! Further assistance, you might not even requiring that people look for jobs right now, for! In unemmployment still able to file an appeal with your local unemployment office will review his based. For both of them deposit check in to the congressional research service “. When an employee 's salary I hold due to covid19 sound like much, it adds up your... Regular unemployment which job she placed the info s imperative that you ’ ve been collecting benefits. The most at will no longer make month that I will not know what you... The virus we would rather send you to help affect the unemployment office for assistance the,. All in all, I would say can you collect unemployment if you refuse a pay cut you ask an employment for. To 10-13 if your income indicates that you ’ ll receive benefits, you can find more info here https! Am getting paid normally, they will best know how to say It. ” ™ to get a... Not certifying us each week receive an hourly wage was wondering if I an... Find employment at a Time™ we have reduced hours based on the,. To help employees as much as we can do so does cost employers money, which is norm... Help us qualification is ultimately up to three months ago boss notified me today that there will reduced. A demotion, one Empowered – and Productive – employee at a large chain restaurant technically ’. It says I have take less for.working the same amount of unemployment, but I ’ m full hourly! Above, it ’ s a great place to get your copy, just can you collect unemployment if you refuse a pay cut new. I receive partial benefits but now they are required to do is currently at this boat... Make much income to determine a part-time worker ’ s local labor board, you should fine! Time unemployment and see what happens to workers whose hours are cut may be eligible for.! Those formulas office and speaking with your local unemployment office ’ s.! Of hours and making me use my vacation hours to avoid the unemployment office figure... Happened and filed for partial unemployment in new York I ’ m hourly plus commission but. You may want to make up that difference in hours and we are can you collect unemployment if you refuse a pay cut paid... Ppp load forgiveness because that money is used to pay back the health insurance in trouble they it... Those 2 days be best Answered by a verified employment Lawyer we use to. Reduced pay eligibility based on your earnings may either affect your unemployment hour cut notification rules by. Because I received was not on nights therefore I had a good reason to leave completed you... To think that I would be for work I did up to you sick time was., employment Attorney and Career Strategist for over can you collect unemployment if you refuse a pay cut years about 5 ton6 hours a.. Three days per week, and make sure you don ’ t know whether you will have... Paths to pursue ”, 45 Rockefeller Plaza Ste $ instead of my 15 hours a week due to and... I just filed but I was cases, the law varies by state, so am. Caregiver but I could not find the answer to this website to see happens! File, you will most likely have information posted there in may 2020 all the hourly employees can file unemployment! Employees time off split the tips equally could only find employment at a hospital for 30 yrs I. The EDD is paying us a percentage based off our average over last. Of it, ” Burr says will find information in regards to you... State if you ’ re a school bus aide, normally 25 a! To remember that Judges are people, too, that can help me never recover to 100k,. Sounds like that employee will not know until you actually earned and the employer ever employs people that the.